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Moving to the Marina

This year, I finally did something for myself—I hired a mover (Golden Bay Movers of SF). I know it doesn’t sound especially luxurious, but it made my move SO much easier for me. Last year I moved to the Marina after years of living in Richmond. I was so happy to be moving into the City, but not as thrilled about having to actually carry out the move.

There was no way that I was going to be able to do it on my own, that was for sure. So I hired Golden Bay who I found on their amazing Yelp Moving Page in San Francisco to make it that much easier for myself. I was beginning to have nightmares about having to make several trips in a car or truck to get all of my stuff to the new apartment.

But with a moving company, all I had to do was show them what I needed to move, and they leaded it all into the same moving truck. It completely took all of the complication and guesswork out of my move. It was refreshing to not have to do any of the hard work, I just got to sit back and watch it all happen. It was amazing!

I don’t know what I would have done without Golden Bay. Actually, yes I do. I would have had to make several trips from Richmond to the Marina (not very close to each other), and would have had to lead and unload about four times. Just thinking about it now makes me nauseous. Golden Bay was excellent—be sure to hire them for your next move.