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Offering Healthy Options with Vending Machines

Living in the Bay Area, there are many people who are concerned with health. When deciding on options for vending machines I our office, we decided to go with San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines because of the customization they allow—also because they offer healthy choices for those concerned with that.

The most important function we wanted in a vending machine was customization because we have a variety of clients and employees, all with difference preferences and tastes. We wanted to offer some classic choices as well as healthier options based on the requests of the employees. For example, we offered Coca-Cola products, but we also made sure to add regular water, tea and Propel (an energy drink) to those who don’t drink soda.

As for snack foods, we also wanted to offer candy like Snickers and Milky Way, but made sure to include granola bars and lower fat chip options like Baked Lays and Sun Chips. Because we want to encourage health in the workplace, we want to offer as many healthy choices as possible, but also honor what the employees want too.

One option brought to us by Corporate Cuisine was to subsidize the vending machines that we had. For example, we could offer free snacks from the ending machine, or offer them at discounted rates. This was a great option because we wanted to provide snacks at an affordable price, but didn’t necessarily want to provide free snacks because we imagined that it would need to be refilled much more often than we would like.

We have stayed with Corporate Cuisine for our office vending machines because they offer customization as well as great service. They were completely friendly and gave us excellent service. I wouldn’t go with any other company because of their commitment to customer service and great product. Also, they provide a great array of products that my staff loves.