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Big City, Many Choices

Living in San Francisco is even better than I imagined it would be. It has access to many different things, but that also means that the choices can be overwhelming. The same goes for choosing a nanny in San Francisco. I was a bit overwhelmed by the different companies that could possibly provide me with the best and most qualified nannies in San Francisco.

I heard about Care.com from a friend who found them from an internet search. She said she had done a lot of research on the subject and found that Care.com had a very good process of selecting nannies and matching them with homes. She was very happy with the nanny who was places with her family, and recommended them to me when I was looking for a nanny in San Francisco.

I called Care.com and they immediately started working to find the perfect nanny for me and my family. I had a young son and wanted the nanny to be able to give him some foundational education before preschool, so I told them I wanted to hire someone who had a background in early childhood development or education.

Care.com placed us with a college graduate who was also completing her masters degree in early childhood education. She was taking classes online and in the evenings, so it worked out perfectly for all of us. She was a highly educated nanny, and she was able to earn a wage while going to school.

I feel so blessed to have found Care.com, and, in turn, the nanny who has taken great care of my son Rex. I can’t imagine anyone better to be caring for my son. I feel really lucky to have found A Nanny on the Net in San Francisco.

A Nanny Service That Allowed Me To Pursue My Dream Job

When I was offered my dream job I was really put in a tough spot. My husband is a pilot and is always traveling, and my new job would require me to travel a good amount as well. Our kids Kayla and John are 6 and 4, and I was nervous about finding someone to care for them if I took on this new job. Luckily, when I was near my wits’ end, a coworker suggested I check out A Nanny on the Net for nannying services in San Francisco.

San Francisco may be a big place, but it’s harder to find a nanny than you’d think! I had tried everything, but hadn’t found someone I was comfortable sharing such a big part of my life with. That’s why I was relieved to find that A Nanny on the Net has been around for over 20 years, and requires all of their nannies to have at least 3 years experience.

I went to their website and filled out an application. They ask about your likes and dislikes, and what you are specifically looking for in a nanny. Then they pair you up with someone based on compatibility. They selected a candidate who seems appropriate, and my husband and I got to meet with them in person to decide if they were the right fit.

I couldn’t believe how well they had done on their first try. We found a nanny who I felt totally comfortable with and knew the kids would love. She’s only been working for us for a few weeks now but it’s been going to well. She respects my home and our family rules, and respects our methods of disciplining our children.

I now feel confident that I made the right choice. I am able to follow my dreams and know that my children and in great hands while I’m gone. I would recommend A Nanny on the Net to anyone looking for a nanny.