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Packing My Bags

I was finally moving up in my company and being transferred to our San Francisco location. Golden San Francisco Bay Movers were there for me to help me with the moving process, and they did such an incredible job. I found out about them on Yelp actually, because they had 5 stars with over 170 reviews.

They were able to schedule the move with no problem. They also made it so easy for me because they were able to quote me right there over the phone based on the size of the space I was currently in and the main items I had that needed to be moved. They are true experts at moving in the city, which in most cases would be stressful. They make it so easy.

They showed up and got straight to work. They were extremely personable and knew exactly how to move everything, from the standard items to the awkward shaped and heavy ones. They made the entire moving process so easy and I can’t thank them enough.