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This Place is GOLD

Pardon the pun, but I am no less than STOKED about my experience with Oxbridge House.¬†When I needed to sell some of my grandmother’s gold that she gave me when she passed away, I wasnt sure who to trust because I knew that it would be easy to get ripped off.

I did some research on gold buyers in San Francisco and found that many were not very well-run or organized. I turned to Yelp, as I generally do, for answers about who I should be working with when selling valuables. Yelp provided all the answers I needed, as it generally does, and I decided to go with Oxbridge House.

The staff at Oxbridge House were really helpful and made sure to let me know just what kind of gold I was bringing in. They even told me I may want to consider keeping it for its value. I felt they were really honest and I will continue to do business with them simply because they weren’t just trying to get my gold.