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Smiling’s my favorite!

I just love the movie Elf, and I quote it all the time. But whenever I would say, “Smiling’s my favorite!” I would feel weird about it. After going to a consultation with Josh Bernstein, DDS, a cosmetic dentist in San Francisco at All New Smiles, I realized it was because I didn’t like to smile because I didn’t like my teeth. I wanted to be able to quote my favorite movie and for it to ring true in real life.

After I got home from my consultation, I decided that I needed to get my teeth fixed. And instead of taking the longer route of braces or even Invisalign, I decided that I would get veneers because the results would be instantaneous. I loved that I would make a an appointment a few weeks from now and have new teeth when I walk out of the door a few hours later. I wouldn’t have to wait months, It would be mere minutes.

Cosmetic Dentistry, Bernstein.

After having the procedure done to my teeth, I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only do I love my teeth, but the procedure wasn’t difficult at all. From my point of view, anyway. Now that I am more confident in my smile and in the way I look in general, I can say, without pause, “Smiling’s my favorite!” 😉

Traveling Fool, Windshield Genius!

I was traveling through Sacramento to check up on an account and found that my windshield had been cracked during my meeting. A huge branch had fallen and obliterated my windshield. But my clients called Precision Auto Glass and they were able to come to m rescue. I was wondering how I was going to be able to get home with a shattered windshield but Precision Auto Glass totally took care of that for me.

I guess the same thing happened to one of the associates last year and they found Precision Auto Glass through an online search! I was pretty excited that I wouldn’t have to wait for very long, either. It was certainly a pain that this happened at all, but at least it wasn’t too painful to have it fixed. It took under and hour and I was done.

As much as I commute to the Sacramento area, I am glad to know that I have someone I can call if I have any auto glass-related problems in Sacramento. Of course, I really hope that I don’t have to call them again in the near future, but I am certainly glad that I have their number in my Rolodex now!

I’m All Smiles!

Cometic Dentistry

I was never really happy with my teeth. My parent’s didn’t have money to get me braces, so I never had a chance to fix my teeth until I made enough money to do it on my own. After several years of wanting to make a change, I finally called All New Smiles, a cosmetic dentist in Piedmont. I wanted to wait until I was done paying off my student loans before taking on any more expenses.

In a way, getting veneers was a way of treating myself after having put myself through college and grad school. I was pretty excited that I was getting the chance to finally fix the way that I look. I’m not that superficial, it’s just something I would have liked to fix. It’s just something that has bugged me for a while.

So I was more than thrilled with the results of my veneers. They looked so natural and made such a difference in my smile. Before, I was always hesitant to smile to show my teeth, but now, I can’t stop smiling. I really liked the staff and dentists that worked at All New Smiles– they made me feel really comfortable with the procedure and I never once doubted that they would do an amazing job on my new veneers!