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An A/C Miracle!

If you’ve been in Sacramento during the summer, you know that it can become unbearably hot. Like, 114 degrees hot. So, if your air conditioner is broken, you might be in bad shape. Unless you have Alley Heat & Air on speed dial.

Alley Heating & Air is one of the best air conditioning repair companies in Sacramento because they are available when you need them. They are completely professional and they can repair your A/C or air conditioning unit when you need them to. They even come in after hours!

Alley Heating & Air will be able to help you get your air conditioner in Sacramento up and running again so that you can be comfortable again in your own home. There’s nothing worse than having a dysfunctional or broken A/C when it’s 95 (plus) degrees outside. So call Alley Heating & Air!!!

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