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Coins Coins Coins!

Whether you are buying or selling gold coins, Oxbridge Coins is the place for you. Not only will you receive stellar services, you will get the best prices anywhere. In fact, Oxbridge gives to-the-minute pricing, so you won’t miss a cent of your payout!

Oxbridge Coins is the premier choice for buying and selling coins in San Francisco. It’s been around for years and is the most trusted company in the business. For platinum, gold, silver and any kind of bullion, you can be sure that Oxbridge Coins will give you the deal of the century!

When it comes to buying or selling coins, Oxbridge Coins has the largest selection to choose from. We buy all kinds of precious metals, which means that we sell just as much of a variety. You will be amazed at how many choices you have when it comes to buying and selling gold coins online or in San Francisco.

Getting into Gold

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve liked collecting things. I even started a precious metals and gold collection when I was ten years old. Until recently, I had all but forgotten about it until I saw an advertisement for Oxbridge House. It had been years since I had thought abut my collection until I saw an ad from Oxbridge House saying that they bought and sold gold.

Then I remembered! I had all of the gold and silver from my childhood still at my mom’s house. I quickly got on the phone with my mom to see if she still had all of it. My parents had moved a few times, so I wasn’t optimistic that all of it had survived several rounds of garage sales and giveaways. But it had! I quickly rushed over to my parents house to see what they had.

Lo and behold, it was all still there. The gold, the silver, the coins. All of it. So I went to Oxbridge House and sold my gold and got a nice wad of cash. It was the best surprise ever! So excited about Oxbridge House!


Sell my Gold!

I had been going to various jewelry and pawn shops in the San Francisco area to find a good place to sell my gold, and I finally discovered Oxbridge House. Oxbridge House is conveniently located and has staff that are extremely competent. When I went in to ask how much I could get for my gold, they were honest about the type of gold I had (much more valuable that I thought).

I never really trusted any of the people I worked with before, but at Yelp Oxbridge House Selling Gold SF, I really felt comfortable knowing that they were going to give me the best possible price for what I have. especially when money is tight for me, this makes a HUGE difference. I like to feel completely comfortable with the people I work with, especially when it involves money.

If you are looking for a gold dealer and/or a place to sell gold jewelry, gold bullion, or gold bricks, Oxbridge House is the place to go! They are savvy and can answer any questions you have about the market and current prices for gold, and they are really friendly and helpful.

Oxbridge House, Inc 2115 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109, 415.409.6086