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I’m All Smiles!

Cometic Dentistry

I was never really happy with my teeth. My parent’s didn’t have money to get me braces, so I never had a chance to fix my teeth until I made enough money to do it on my own. After several years of wanting to make a change, I finally called All New Smiles, a cosmetic dentist in Piedmont. I wanted to wait until I was done paying off my student loans before taking on any more expenses.

In a way, getting veneers was a way of treating myself after having put myself through college and grad school. I was pretty excited that I was getting the chance to finally fix the way that I look. I’m not that superficial, it’s just something I would have liked to fix. It’s just something that has bugged me for a while.

So I was more than thrilled with the results of my veneers. They looked so natural and made such a difference in my smile. Before, I was always hesitant to smile to show my teeth, but now, I can’t stop smiling. I really liked the staff and dentists that worked at All New Smiles– they made me feel really comfortable with the procedure and I never once doubted that they would do an amazing job on my new veneers!

Finding a Psychiatrist, 101

I’d been seeing a psychiatrist for 20 years now, but I recently moved to Sacramento. I knew that I would not only need to find a psychiatrist, but a great psychiatrist Sacramento. I was spoiled with my previous doctor because I had known her for 10 years, but now that I was moving away, I would need someone who I could rely on but who also had great references.

My psychiatrist from Denver actually recommended Empathy Therapy to me because she had gone to school with the owner. She said they shared many of the same philosophies and that they both took a holistic approach to mental health. So, I put my trust in her and called Empathy Therapy to set up my first appointment.

I was absolutely right to trust my psychiatrist because she set me up with the best psychiatrist Sacramento that she could have. I love the staff, the facility, even the location. I’m really happy that I’ve found a therapist and psychiatrist who can help me and understand where I’m coming from.