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A Weekend in SF

About six months ago, my friend Jenny told me that she was going to be moving from her apartment in the Haight to a larger loft in the Marina. And she wanted me to help her move. I was relieved to find out that she had already hired a mover (Golden Bay Relocation – a local SF mover) and that she really would only need my help packing and unpacking. So I agreed to go as long as she promised to take me to my favorite noodle bar called Citrus Club. It was a deal

She was really excited because she was moving as a result of a promotion that would allow for her to pay much higher rent than she usually did. It was definitely an upgrade and she called to tell me that she might need some help moving. While I wasn’t excited to help someone move, I was excited to see her new place and spend time with her. So I drove up on Friday, we had dinner at Citrus Club and drinks at a local pub around the corner called Magnolia and then spent the rest of the night catching up and packing boxes.

The next morning we ate breakfast at this great café within walking distance from her and then were back to her apartment by 9 to meet the movers. When the movers from Golden Bay Relocation arrived, they didn’t take very long at all to load up all of the boxes and furniture.  By the time they had loaded everything and unloaded all of it in her new apartment, it wasn’t even lunchtime yet. And they were really nice and helpful when we were trying to figure out the best place to put furniture. They were really patient with us because there were a few times when we were being indecisive.

Even though it wasn’t my move, it was still a pretty easy move. And actually, when I said this to Jenny, she mirrored my reaction. I think it really helped to have me there to help her with packing and unpacking and to have Golden Bay assist with the physical portion of the move. I have never hired a mover before, but I know that the next time I move I will definitely hire a mover to help. It made the whole moving process so much faster!

I know it sounds weird, but I actually had a really good time helping Jenny move this weekend. I wasn’t looking forward to helping her move, but it turned out to be fun to just hang out and drink wine and listen to music. And I got to help my friend to make sure her move wasn’t stressful. WIN!