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Too Hot to Trot

I was training for a big race during the month of August and, as you might imagine, I was not happy to return from a hot, sweaty run to a broken air conditioner. I had Alley Heating & Air‘s business card from my landlord and called them immediately. They were able to come to fix it the very same day. I couldn’t believe a company for air conditioning repair in Sacramento would have such great service.

Especially because I live in Sacramento where the summers can get a little unbearable, it’s important to me that I have a functioning air conditioner at all times. I’m from Seattle, for goodness sake! I don’t know how to handle this kind of heat!

I am forever grateful to Alley Heating & Air because they made my day! And, really, my week because if I had to wait any longer to get my air conditioner fixed, I would not have been a happy camper. From now on, I am glad to have Alley Heating & Air on my side and ready to help me when I need it!

Windows, the cherry on top!

When my wife and I decided to remodel the house, we started from the inside, out. We got new bathrooms and redid the kitchen– the last step was working on the exterior. We knew California Window Masters was the right company for the job! They came with so many referenced from friends that it seemed foolish not to go with them.

Soon after hiring California Window Masters, we realized we had gone about remodeling our home all wrong! Not because the windows were poorly done, but because of the difference replacement windows made in our San Jose home. It was like night and day! The curb appeal of our home went through the roof as soon as we got those new windows installed. We were absolutely excited about the possibility that our home was improved on the inside, but also matched the outside.

Working with California Window Masters was a breeze! They took very little time to complete the project, and not because they left anything out! They did most of the fitting in their warehouse so that when they actually came to our house they had very little to do but to install the windows. After the left, it was like they were never even there! The only proof we had that they had been there was our bright and shiny new windows!

An A/C Miracle!

If you’ve been in Sacramento during the summer, you know that it can become unbearably hot. Like, 114 degrees hot. So, if your air conditioner is broken, you might be in bad shape. Unless you have Alley Heat & Air on speed dial.

Alley Heating & Air is one of the best air conditioning repair companies in Sacramento because they are available when you need them. They are completely professional and they can repair your A/C or air conditioning unit when you need them to. They even come in after hours!

Alley Heating & Air will be able to help you get your air conditioner in Sacramento up and running again so that you can be comfortable again in your own home. There’s nothing worse than having a dysfunctional or broken A/C when it’s 95 (plus) degrees outside. So call Alley Heating & Air!!!

New Windows and a New Perspective

We live in a suburban neighborhood, so it was a shock to us that someone would throw a brick through our window. At first we thought it was because of something we did, but we soon realized that it was just as likely to have been completely random. But we called California Window Masters and got our windows fixed up right quick!

The installers at California Window Masters also told us that they had been in our neighborhood more often because of randomly broken windows. This made us feel a little better, but a little unsafe. They told us that it was probably just some bored neighborhood kids looking for trouble and it wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

But California Window Masters patched up our windows and we are feeling safe and sound again. They were very friendly and seemed to have an extensive knowledge about window brands and installation. California Window Masters gave us peace of mind and they made it easy for us to repair our windows without a a hassle.

This Place is GOLD

Pardon the pun, but I am no less than STOKED about my experience with Oxbridge House. When I needed to sell some of my grandmother’s gold that she gave me when she passed away, I wasnt sure who to trust because I knew that it would be easy to get ripped off.

I did some research on gold buyers in San Francisco and found that many were not very well-run or organized. I turned to Yelp, as I generally do, for answers about who I should be working with when selling valuables. Yelp provided all the answers I needed, as it generally does, and I decided to go with Oxbridge House.

The staff at Oxbridge House were really helpful and made sure to let me know just what kind of gold I was bringing in. They even told me I may want to consider keeping it for its value. I felt they were really honest and I will continue to do business with them simply because they weren’t just trying to get my gold.

Packing My Bags

I was finally moving up in my company and being transferred to our San Francisco location. Golden San Francisco Bay Movers were there for me to help me with the moving process, and they did such an incredible job. I found out about them on Yelp actually, because they had 5 stars with over 170 reviews.

They were able to schedule the move with no problem. They also made it so easy for me because they were able to quote me right there over the phone based on the size of the space I was currently in and the main items I had that needed to be moved. They are true experts at moving in the city, which in most cases would be stressful. They make it so easy.

They showed up and got straight to work. They were extremely personable and knew exactly how to move everything, from the standard items to the awkward shaped and heavy ones. They made the entire moving process so easy and I can’t thank them enough.

Moving and Shakin’

Seattle Movers were my movers for my recent move out of the city. I had been living there but decided it was time to have a bigger yard for my dog and some more living space. There was no question Puget Sound was going to be my moving company. My family uses nobody else.

They are a local Seattle company and have been around forever. They know the city and all of its surrounding areas, so when it comes to getting in and out they are pros. They had no problem moving me out of my top floor apartment. They have a great system down.

I couldn’t believe how fast they worked. They knew exactly what their plan of attack was once they arrived and assessed my stuff. They got it all secured, packed, and taken down to their truck. I didn’t have to lift a finger. At the new place, I told them exactly where I wanted everything and they put it all in its place. They are the best!

Buying Our Maui Vacation Home

Maui Sales and The Smith Team made our dream of living and owning property in Maui possible. In our initial meeting with them, we were reassured that we would be able to find the right property for what we were looking for. We had very specific goals and an even more specific budget.

But Maui Sales was up to the challenge. We immediately subscribed to the weekly newsletter The Smith Team puts out and found the home we eventually purchased from that newsletter. At first when they told us that we should take a lot at it, we thought it wouldn’t help us find a home we were looking for. But after reading it for a few weeks, it gave us a better idea of what was out there and for what price. After a few months, we found the perfect vacation home just outside of Lahaina.

Ever since we were first married, it was our dream to own a home in Maui together– so we could escape the stressful realities of our jobs and come vacation at our favorite spot on the planet. In fact, we spent our honeymoon not far from the place we have now. It’s crazy to think that it is actually ours because it feels just like yesterday that we were dreaming about coming back.

The Smith Team really helped us make it possible for us to have a vacation home in Maui. They expertly negotiated for us and placed a vital role in getting us the perfect property for what we needed in a vacation home.

It Was Time

It was time for us to make the move from San Francisco to Walnut Creek. Our daughter was finally old enough to start school and we wanted to put her into the school systems there. We also were ready for more living space and a little peace and quiet. I looked on Yelp first to start looking for a moving company and saw the San Francisco company Golden Bay Relocation, Yelp San Francisco Movers. They have over 160 reviews on Yelp with 5 stars–that’s incredible!

They were very accommodating and were able to schedule our move on the day we wanted. They gave us a quote and it was very reasonable and competitive compared to other moving companies in the area. They showed up right on time on moving day and got to work.

I couldn’t believe how quickly they worked and how great of a job they did. They took care of everything from A to Z and we didn’t have to even lift a finger. It was evident why they had such great reviews, and they’re about to have another!

Big City, Many Choices

Living in San Francisco is even better than I imagined it would be. It has access to many different things, but that also means that the choices can be overwhelming. The same goes for choosing a nanny in San Francisco. I was a bit overwhelmed by the different companies that could possibly provide me with the best and most qualified nannies in San Francisco.

I heard about Care.com from a friend who found them from an internet search. She said she had done a lot of research on the subject and found that Care.com had a very good process of selecting nannies and matching them with homes. She was very happy with the nanny who was places with her family, and recommended them to me when I was looking for a nanny in San Francisco.

I called Care.com and they immediately started working to find the perfect nanny for me and my family. I had a young son and wanted the nanny to be able to give him some foundational education before preschool, so I told them I wanted to hire someone who had a background in early childhood development or education.

Care.com placed us with a college graduate who was also completing her masters degree in early childhood education. She was taking classes online and in the evenings, so it worked out perfectly for all of us. She was a highly educated nanny, and she was able to earn a wage while going to school.

I feel so blessed to have found Care.com, and, in turn, the nanny who has taken great care of my son Rex. I can’t imagine anyone better to be caring for my son. I feel really lucky to have found A Nanny on the Net in San Francisco.