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Retail in Roseville

I knew that opening my own business would be hard, but I guess you don’t know the extend of difficulty until you are doing it. I was glad, however, that I had CBRE with me to help me with getting a retail space in Roseville.

The reason I had my heart set on Roseville was because I really liked that it was close to my house as well as close to the community that I hoped to tap into. I was starting a salon and wanted to be close to clientele that needed an alternative salon like mine. There were many available in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento, but not very many in Roseville. It would be risky, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

CBRE helped me identify a space that would be best for a brand new salon. Maybe a corner space close to the street? Maybe in a strip mall? Maybe close to the Galeria shopping area? They were a great help with brainstorming ideas and they were really experienced in selecting retail properties. As a result, I have a prime space that I don’t pay an arm and a leg for!