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Sell my Gold!

I had been going to various jewelry and pawn shops in the San Francisco area to find a good place to sell my gold, and I finally discovered Oxbridge House. Oxbridge House is conveniently located and has staff that are extremely competent. When I went in to ask how much I could get for my gold, they were honest about the type of gold I had (much more valuable that I thought).

I never really trusted any of the people I worked with before, but at Yelp Oxbridge House Selling Gold SF, I really felt comfortable knowing that they were going to give me the best possible price for what I have. especially when money is tight for me, this makes a HUGE difference. I like to feel completely comfortable with the people I work with, especially when it involves money.

If you are looking for a gold dealer and/or a place to sell gold jewelry, gold bullion, or gold bricks, Oxbridge House is the place to go! They are savvy and can answer any questions you have about the market and current prices for gold, and they are really friendly and helpful.

Oxbridge House, Inc 2115 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109, 415.409.6086

New Windows and a New Perspective

We live in a suburban neighborhood, so it was a shock to us that someone would throw a brick through our window. At first we thought it was because of something we did, but we soon realized that it was just as likely to have been completely random. But we called California Window Masters and got our windows fixed up right quick!

The installers at California Window Masters also told us that they had been in our neighborhood more often because of randomly broken windows. This made us feel a little better, but a little unsafe. They told us that it was probably just some bored neighborhood kids looking for trouble and it wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

But California Window Masters patched up our windows and we are feeling safe and sound again. They were very friendly and seemed to have an extensive knowledge about window brands and installation. California Window Masters gave us peace of mind and they made it easy for us to repair our windows without a a hassle.

Retail in Roseville

I knew that opening my own business would be hard, but I guess you don’t know the extend of difficulty until you are doing it. I was glad, however, that I had CBRE with me to help me with getting a retail space in Roseville.

The reason I had my heart set on Roseville was because I really liked that it was close to my house as well as close to the community that I hoped to tap into. I was starting a salon and wanted to be close to clientele that needed an alternative salon like mine. There were many available in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento, but not very many in Roseville. It would be risky, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

CBRE helped me identify a space that would be best for a brand new salon. Maybe a corner space close to the street? Maybe in a strip mall? Maybe close to the Galeria shopping area? They were a great help with brainstorming ideas and they were really experienced in selecting retail properties. As a result, I have a prime space that I don’t pay an arm and a leg for!

This Place is GOLD

Pardon the pun, but I am no less than STOKED about my experience with Oxbridge House. When I needed to sell some of my grandmother’s gold that she gave me when she passed away, I wasnt sure who to trust because I knew that it would be easy to get ripped off.

I did some research on gold buyers in San Francisco and found that many were not very well-run or organized. I turned to Yelp, as I generally do, for answers about who I should be working with when selling valuables. Yelp provided all the answers I needed, as it generally does, and I decided to go with Oxbridge House.

The staff at Oxbridge House were really helpful and made sure to let me know just what kind of gold I was bringing in. They even told me I may want to consider keeping it for its value. I felt they were really honest and I will continue to do business with them simply because they weren’t just trying to get my gold.

Packing My Bags

I was finally moving up in my company and being transferred to our San Francisco location. Golden San Francisco Bay Movers were there for me to help me with the moving process, and they did such an incredible job. I found out about them on Yelp actually, because they had 5 stars with over 170 reviews.

They were able to schedule the move with no problem. They also made it so easy for me because they were able to quote me right there over the phone based on the size of the space I was currently in and the main items I had that needed to be moved. They are true experts at moving in the city, which in most cases would be stressful. They make it so easy.

They showed up and got straight to work. They were extremely personable and knew exactly how to move everything, from the standard items to the awkward shaped and heavy ones. They made the entire moving process so easy and I can’t thank them enough.

Green Windows

We looked around for companies that are energy conscious and found California Window Masters. We live right outside of San Francisco so we met with them and told them what we were looking for. They were able to help us out with no problem.

I hated how much we paid on our energy bills, knowing how significantly they could be lowered if our house had newer windows. We had an old house and the windows just leaked like crazy. I finally convinced my husband it was time to make the change.

We picked the windows that we thought looked best and were best suited for our home. They offer so many different styles and choices, we had no problem finding the perfect ones. They installed the windows in hours, it was such a quick process! We are now energy efficient, the bills have been so low, and we couldn’t be happier.

Moving and Shakin’

Seattle Movers were my movers for my recent move out of the city. I had been living there but decided it was time to have a bigger yard for my dog and some more living space. There was no question Puget Sound was going to be my moving company. My family uses nobody else.

They are a local Seattle company and have been around forever. They know the city and all of its surrounding areas, so when it comes to getting in and out they are pros. They had no problem moving me out of my top floor apartment. They have a great system down.

I couldn’t believe how fast they worked. They knew exactly what their plan of attack was once they arrived and assessed my stuff. They got it all secured, packed, and taken down to their truck. I didn’t have to lift a finger. At the new place, I told them exactly where I wanted everything and they put it all in its place. They are the best!

Buying Our Maui Vacation Home

Maui Sales and The Smith Team made our dream of living and owning property in Maui possible. In our initial meeting with them, we were reassured that we would be able to find the right property for what we were looking for. We had very specific goals and an even more specific budget.

But Maui Sales was up to the challenge. We immediately subscribed to the weekly newsletter The Smith Team puts out and found the home we eventually purchased from that newsletter. At first when they told us that we should take a lot at it, we thought it wouldn’t help us find a home we were looking for. But after reading it for a few weeks, it gave us a better idea of what was out there and for what price. After a few months, we found the perfect vacation home just outside of Lahaina.

Ever since we were first married, it was our dream to own a home in Maui together– so we could escape the stressful realities of our jobs and come vacation at our favorite spot on the planet. In fact, we spent our honeymoon not far from the place we have now. It’s crazy to think that it is actually ours because it feels just like yesterday that we were dreaming about coming back.

The Smith Team really helped us make it possible for us to have a vacation home in Maui. They expertly negotiated for us and placed a vital role in getting us the perfect property for what we needed in a vacation home.

Vending Machines in the City

Normally, I don’t writing about San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines, but I had a great experience recently so I don’t feel badly about talking about it here. I try to keep the masses entertained with my pop culture and political banter, but today’s post is all about granola bars. Yes, granola bars.

I’m sure you would assume that because I don’t care what people think of me, that I also don’t care about what I eat. This is not the case. There was a time that I didn’t much pay attention to what I put into my body, but now I enjoy living a robust and full like– I much prefer to fuel myself with high quality energy these days.

So when I quit my retail job in favor of a desk job, I was worried that I would gain weight. It is also part of corporate culture to have a plethora of snack (read: junk) food at your disposal. But I was wrong. At my new job, even the vending machines were full of healthy snack options. I wouldn’t have to worry about making poor choices just out of convenience.

Bay Area Vending was the company they used for vending machine service in San Francisco. They were great because they had so many options for people who didn’t want to be eating Snickers bars all day long. They had healthier chip and nut options as well as granola bars and enhanced water. It was excellent!

Snack Time!

San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines was the perfect solution to our office-wide problem of dangerously low blood sugar during late afternoon brainstorming sessions. Most of us try to pack snacks, but when we can’t get away from the office, it’s a great tool to have a vending machine available.

We found San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines from a Google search and immediately called them because they had a modern website and they seemed to have a wonderful selection of snacks, from candy to granola bars. Our office has pretty diverse tastes, so we really liked how customizable the options were both for snacks and beverages.

One option we really liked was that we could have the office subsidize the snacks and reduce the price—this was definitely a major reason we went with San Francisco Bay Area Vending. We loved that the company could contribute to, for example, healthier snacks, thus promoting healthy eating in the office.

San Francisco Bay Area Vending has really made a difference in how our office operates from day to day. Since most of us are stuck in front of our phones and computers all day, it’s really hard for us to get away to get a reasonable snack. But with the new vending machines, it’s much easier for us to get what we need without disrupting our work.