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My First Move in 5 Years

Golden Bay Movers SFI did something I’ve never done before. I hired a mover —Golden Bay Relocation, to be exact.

I haven’t had to move from my San Francisco apartment for five years. Five, blissful years that were devoid of cardboard boxes and the stress of planning and executing a move. I was a little bummed when I found out that I was being transferred to the Vacaville office at my job because I really didn’t want to have to move from San Francisco. Commuting would be an option, but I didn’t like the idea of spending two hours per day in the car or train. So I made the decision to move to Vacaville. It wasn’t far from the city, so it wouldn’t be hard to make it back for the weekends. So I bit the bullet and hired a moving company.

I found Golden Bay Relocation because, like how I make all of my decisions, I consulted the Yelp community. Golden Bay had an excellent rating, but I was even more impressed with the quality of comments that were provided by happy and satisfied customers. They listed several specific examples of experiences they had with Golden Bay Relocation. I always see it as a good sign when people are willing to write a thoughtful and are able to site specifics on what makes a company great.

So I called them to see if they were available to help me with my move the weekend I had hoped to be moving. I was lucky because they had just gotten a cancellation—so they would be able to book me for my move the only weekend that worked for me. I was happy because I really didn’t want to have to research more Bay Area movers when I already had the perfect moving company lined up!

And when the time came for my move, I was not disappointed in their service at all. On the contrary! They were fast, accurate and very friendly. I was never once worried that my possessions were unsafe. I knew that I was much better off having a moving company handle my valuables and fragile items than doing it myself. The reason I was so reluctant to move in the first place was because I hurt my back in the process the last time. It was definitely worth it to me to hire someone who knew what they were doing. As long as they were licensed and had amazing references.

Thanks to Golden Bay Relocation, my move was utterly painless and stress-free. I packed everything up myself, but they handled everything else. The packing and unpacking was the easy part. In fact, I mapped out where everything needed to go in my new place and they put everything in the exact place it needed to. I was grateful for this because I really didn’t want to be moving large and heavy objects around once I moved in.

Golden Bay made the moving process easy and painless. I think it’s my turn to recommend them on Yelp now!