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The Not-So-Terrible MovingExperience

moving in san franciscoMoving is my least favorite activity. I’m sure that isn’t terribly surprising considering that it’s highly unlikely that any person on the planet actually likes moving. I doubt even moving companies like moving. But if I was ever going to move, I always had my favorite moving company’s business card (Golden Bay Movers located in San Francisco) just in case.

It is my general mode of operation to try as hard as I can to stay in one location as to not have to move. It’s a bit pathetic, but I think it illustrates my point. In fact, I went six months with a clinically insane roommate to avoid moving. But at some point, I was no longer sure that I was the sane one of the two of us anymore because I was so miserable.

So I decided to move out. This, of course, meant that I was going to have to do the one thing in the world that I hate most: moving. Good thing I had kept Golden Bay Movers’ business card all this time. I have to say that the fact that I already had someone I trusted to move my stuff made the whole thing much less stressful.

Even though having help from Golden Bay considerably cut down my stress levels during my last move, I still hated moving. I think it has to do with the fact that I moved around a lot as a kid. Now, when I settle down, I really don’t like having to start the whole process again.

Maybe it was because I’ve grown up a little, or maybe it was because of Golden Bay, but this move was pretty freaking smooth as far as I was concerned. Sure I had to pack up all of my stuff myself, but I think this time I was ready to be moving on to another place. I hated my living situation so much that moving was the light at the end of the tunnel—something to look forward to instead of dreading. For me, that was serious progress.

All in all, I had a pretty pleasant move. I still wouldn’t say that I had a good time, but it wasn’t as dreadful as I usually think it will be. Although I usually try to prevent myself from having to move, I know the next time it happens, I’ll be ready.

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