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Vending Vixon

I’m new at the office, so when I started managing the office, I made a point to ask everyone what their concerns and requests were for improving the office. Almost everyone told me they wanted a vending machine in the office, so I called SF Bay Area Vending¬†and set about making it happen. I wasn’t necessarily doing it to gain favor in the office, but it definitely didn’t hurt.

I started by asking everyone what kinds of snacks they wanted to see in the office and went with the vending machine company that had the most options available. In this case, it was SF Bay Area Vending– they had great snacks and even better customer service.

Another way that I accidentally gained favor in the office was asking my superiors if they would subsidize the snack machines. All that means is that they helped pay for the snacks to make them cheaper for the rest of us. Brilliant!

I’ve now been in the office for over a month and people are still talking about the vending machine addition. Sure, I could have started with other improvements, but let’s just say that I’m pretty happy with how things turned out.


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