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Windows, the cherry on top!

When my wife and I decided to remodel the house, we started from the inside, out. We got new bathrooms and redid the kitchen– the last step was working on the exterior. We knew California Window Masters was the right company for the job! They came with so many referenced from friends that it seemed foolish not to go with them.

Soon after hiring California Window Masters, we realized we had gone about remodeling our home all wrong! Not because the windows were poorly done, but because of the difference replacement windows made in our San Jose home. It was like night and day! The curb appeal of our home went through the roof as soon as we got those new windows installed. We were absolutely excited about the possibility that our home was improved on the inside, but also matched the outside.

Working with California Window Masters was a breeze! They took very little time to complete the project, and not because they left anything out! They did most of the fitting in their warehouse so that when they actually came to our house they had very little to do but to install the windows. After the left, it was like they were never even there! The only proof we had that they had been there was our bright and shiny new windows!

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